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LED Energy Savings Contract Finance!

LED Financing on the Basis of Value added

Financing large projects in LED Light Solutions is not always an easy undertaking with restricted budgets. Ticofin will soon offer an innovative financing solution on the basis of energy savings contract financing.

LED lighting systems have achieved commercially significant breakthroughs in the last 5 years. Although known for decades, light emitting diodes have only recently been developed to a stage where they generate pure white light of sufficient luminosity to satisfy sophisticated commercial and industrial standards. However, LED efficiency is still expected to grow exponentially. Compared to traditional lighting systems, LED have some highly convincing advantages:

  • Energy efficiency: LED enable 60-70% savings in electricity consumption

  • Durability: LED lights have a life span of 50 -70.000 burning hours (traditional bulbs: < 10.000)

  • Hazardous waste: LED produce practically no hazardous waste nor emissions (e.g. CO2)

  • Retrofit-ability: LED systems can generally use existing standard fittings

These advantages make the case of refitting facilities that require an intensive permanent lighting environment with LED systems a compelling one: hospitals, public facilities, street & tunnel lighting are good examples where the power savings of LED lighting make economic sense and where there is a clear benefit of using environmentally friendly technology.
While LED Light solutions require a considerable investment, Energy Contract Finance will help to finance your LED Light solutions without constraining your budget. Energy Savings Contract Finance allows you to benefit from energy savings from day one and full amortisation of your projects in 2-3 years. Contact us for more information.


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